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Berlin Art+History tours combine insight into Berlin’s vibrant art scene with visits to landmark sites of Berlin’s unique history as a divided city.

Our guide, Berlin-based artist Angelika Margull is well connected with both established and young artists. She has lived in Berlin nearly her entire life, giving her intimate knowledge of both the city’s changing history and its dynamic art scene. As a young artist Mrs. Margull was herself an inmate of the infamous state security or »Stasi« prison Hohenschönhausen, thus enabling her to show the city’s political history from a uniquely personal angle.

Tour features:

  • the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall
  • a visit to the infamous Hohenschönhausen prison
  • direct contact with Berlin’s art scene though studio and gallery visits
  • a tour of key sights of interest while driving
  • small groups, limited to 6 guests
  • private car shuttle
  • an experience of  Berlin’s vibrant art scene
  • a personal atmosphere
  • tours lasting six hours


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