vasistas Is the number one agency for exclusive art trips and tours in and to Berlin. vasistas opens the window to your own art abilities and shines a light on your creative talents.
Deepen your appreciation of art and train your artistic judgment: Stay in Berlin for a few days and book one of our art trips & workshops (3 – 5 days) or join us on our tours & guided tours (1/2 day or a full day).

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Berlin Art & History

This tours combine insight into Berlin’s vibrant art scene with visits to landmark sites of Berlin’s unique history as a divided city. As a young artist Mrs. Margull was herself an inmate of the infamous state security or »Stasi« prison Hohenschönhausen, thus enabling her to show the city’s political history from a uniquely personal angle. find out more

GDR state prison Hohenschönhausen

An example of these special tours is an extraordinary visit to the former GDR state prison Hohenschönhausen. Angelika Margull who acts as a guide on this tour, is able to share special insights into the prison and the GDR, as she herself was detained here for political reasons. Further information can be found on the


Additionally, vasistas offers consulting and training services for established artist and trainees in our atelier, please contact us. contact

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Vasistas seeks to fulfill all of its customer’s wishes and requests. If we do not offer a program suitable for you -for example because the available dates don’t fit you, or in case you want to go on tours with your friends instead of strangers, we will create a program adapted to your individual ideas and plans contact

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Berlin is the center for art. It’s a city in which art’s history and the lively process of art creation, meet. It is a place that offers optimal conditions for art and culture of any kind: »observe experience and become artistically active yourself – a unique combination only found in Berlin«.
An art trip (3 or 5 days) consists of a workshop in one of our own atmospheric ateliers and tours & guided tours through Berlin’s art scene.

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Tours & Guided Tours can also be booked independently, without art trips: We offer tours to a variety of galleries and museums, and discussions with various artists and visits to their studios for both Berliners, and non Berliners interested in art. Visits to well known locations as well as the discovery of places only known by insiders and personal meetings with young artists from Berlin, await you. Furthermore, you will also be able to experience Berlin as a city with unique shopping facilities.

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